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Partners in Progress
for Over 30 Years

Thirty years ago, we launched Chase Properties with a vision for setting a new standard of excellence in commercial, residential and mixed-use development in Jacksonville. We sought to utilize our development expertise, strong local knowledge, creativity, and unyielding commitment to our partners and stakeholders to help shape the future of Northeast Florida.


Today, a full generation after our ambitious yet humble beginning, it is with a deep sense of awe and gratitude that we celebrate how far we’ve come. We are recognized nationally for our visionary planning, development and seamless execution of vibrant mixed-use communities that integrate residential, commercial, retail, entertainment, hospitality, transit, work, and recreational uses.

We’ve assembled a premier portfolio of region-defining projects that include such transformative developments as San Marco Place, Deerwood Lake, The District, King's Avenue Station, Parkland Preserve, and dozens more.


Our reach has extended throughout the Southeast, and our services have expanded from all areas
of real estate development into full commercial real estate brokerage services, including sales and leasing. Our dedication to high-quality, innovative development and securing the highest and best outcomes for every project has transitioned from one generation to the next, without ever slowing down.

For this, we thank every one of you – our clients, team members, investor partners, vendors, families, friends, and associates – who have helped propel us forward over the past three decades. Here’s to continuing to shape the future, together.


Has It Really Been This Long?

In 1993, the City of Jacksonville joined the NFL Elite by being awarded the Jacksonville Jaguars expansion team. The team would take the field for its first season in 1995

Miss America was Leanza Cornett, from Jacksonville

The lowest PGA score of 63 was played by Vijay Singh of Jacksonville (Ponte Vedra Beach)

Ed Austin was Mayor

Bill Clinton was President

The $2.5 Billion Better Jacksonville Plan was still 7 years away

World-Changing Event: Intel introduced the Pentium family of 32-bit microprocessors.

Gas cost $1.11 per gallon

Tom Brady was a sophomore in high school and the New England Patriots had the worst record in football over the previous 5-year span.

The top ten baby names were:
Jessica, Ashley, Sarah, Samantha, Emily, Michael, Chris, Topher, Matthew, Joshua, Tyler

“Got Milk?” a tagline from the California Milk Processor Board went “viral” before “viral” was even a thing

Top Movies included Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, Sleepless in Seattle, Unforgiven, and Free Willy

Jurassic Park prompted McDonald’s Super-Size options as part of a cross-promotion

Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” was Billboard’s #1 song of the year



Travel in Time

Chase Properties’ exceptional portfolio developed over the past 30+ years includes a diversified mix of commercial, residential and mixed-use developments incorporating multi-family communities; modern, upscale retail; office; hospitality; marinas; multi-family, single family and mixed-use projects.

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