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For over 30 years, Chase Properties has been a leader in the real estate development industry. Whether master planning new communities or building ground-up developments, our focus lies in the betterment of communities throughout Jacksonville and the state of Florida. With expertise in zoning, entitlements, building & design, Chase Properties is is able to manage a project from "soup to nuts," taking a creative idea and turning it into an award winning development.


Chase Properties understands that each project is specific in its own regard and requires a team of experts with a proven track record to get a job done accurately and on time. Our continual interaction with municipal leaders and local residents allows us to keep a pulse on the community. Through innovative thinking and creative design, we deliver projects that leave each neighborhood better than when we began.


Chase Properties offers an array of development services, including:

  • Entitlements

  • Zoning

  • DRIs/PUDs

  • Permitting

  • Master-Planned Development

  • Multifamily Development

  • Mixed-Use Development

  • Retail/Office Development

  • Age-Restricted Communities

  • Brownfield Remediation

  • Public-Private Partnerships

  • Transit-Oriented Developments

  • Project Financing


Source & Prospect

  • Define Vision

  • Determine Products

  • Site Selection

  • Project Feasibility

  • Prospect Financing

  • Decision to Proceed


  • Developer Agreement

  • Obtain Site Control

  • Preliminary Design

  • Development Budget

  • Operating Budget

  • Funding Applications


  • Project Design

  • Land  Entitlements

  • Municipal Approvals

  • Contracts

  • Investor/Lender Due Diligence

  • Financing Agreements


  • Construction Management

  • Draw/Payroll Processing

  • Certificate of Occupancy

  • Financing Closeout/Conv.

MGMT & Transition

  • Management Transitional Meeting

  • Compliance

  • Onsite Lease Up/Mgmt Office

  • Management & Lease Up Team Selection

Contact our development team today and see how we can get your next project off the ground.



Chase Properties  has an excellent record of commercial brokerage services. For over three decades, we have built the necessary relationships to serve our clients with the fastest and most reliable brokerage service in the business. Our expertise and built in network  will help guide you through the process of buying, selling, or leasing your assets.


Real estate brokerage is much more than the selling and leasing of property. It is about building and maintaining relationships with the local, regional, and national real estate communities and using those resources to provide clients the best service in the industry.


KAS Rendering 4.10.17 - JPEG.jpg

Chase Properties offers brokerage expertise in the following areas:

  • Sales:

    Land, Office, Retail, Multi-Family, Industrial

  • Leasing:

    Retail, Office, Industrial, Multi-Family

  • Tenant Representation

  • Investment Sales

  • Property Disposition

  • Valuation

Talk to one of our Brokerage experts today and see how Chase Properties can help save  you time and money.

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